Friday, May 7, 2010

Life Skills set to change lives


Our Life Skills sessions started yesterday evening with the Our Calling ministry,which is headed up by Wayne Walker. Several of our residents came out to meet Wayne and his team and to talk about some of the topics/personal issues that they want to address and work through during the sessions, which will now be offered at CityWalk on a regular basis.

Some of the topics to be addressed include:
Personal Dignity - Character - Relationships - Ethics
Health - Addictions - Life Purpose - Honesty
Money Management - Responsibilities - Tolerance
Communication - Forgiveness - Keeping a job
Accountability - Anger - Fear - Stress - Life Management

Our Calling also provides bible studies, 12 Step programs, mentoring and coaching. You can find out more about this organization here:

Here's Wayne (right), Taylor Patterson and an Our Calling ministry volunteer.

We're excited and grateful to be working with them!

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