Friday, March 27, 2009

Accidents and the Dangers of Parking Meters

Every so often something happens in life that shows you can’t control what happens to you. The confluence of two events made that really clear to me this week. First, in an accident that got wide publicity, the actress Natasha Richardson died after a fall on an easy ski hill. Beautiful, rich, and apparently happily married to actor Liam Neeson (nominated for an Oscar for his role in Schindler’s List); but none of that, nor the best of medical care, could save her from dying from a fall that didn’t appear to even hurt her.

Then just last Tuesday I suffered a, fortunately for me, much less serious accident. I managed to walk into a parking meter and break a rib. I had just taken some guests through our CityWalk@Akard project, walked them to their car, then turned back to wave good-bye when I walked directly into a parking meter. It’s the type of injury that seems so silly that you’re embarrassed to tell people how it happened, but it makes me think about how random life can be. One minute you are fine and healthy and working, then a moment’s lack of concentration means you are injured. Given the risks all around us, maybe it’s a wonder all of us aren’t hurt all the time.

And, no, I didn’t try to claim that the parking meter jumped out in front of me.

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