Monday, June 22, 2009

CityWalk: 106 People Working

Yesterday we set a record at CityWalk. We had 106 people on site and working at the same time (it would have been more but the steel subcontractor wasn’t on site and we had only five painters). In the next week or two we expect to top 125 people as we reach the height of activity before we start winding down a little bit as the project nears completion.

What are all these people doing? Project superintendent Randy Allen was kind enough to send me a list of the tasks that people will be working on next week, and that gives you an idea of the type of work being done:

1. Installing the cooling tower;
2. Demoing the 3rd floor storefront for replacement;
3. Installing the outside air unit;
4. Putting the boilers in the basement;
5. Installing the walls on the 14th floor (that means everything through 13 is done!);
6. Sheetrocking the electrical rooms;
7. Installing the electrical meters in floors 10-13;
8. Installing the electrical panel in floors 9-12;
9. Prepare for ceiling inspections on 4 & 5;
10. Sheetrock double sided on floors 7-10;
11. Tape and bed the walls on floors 6-9;
12. Waterproof south windows on floors 10-15;
13. Lay in around windows on the second floor;
14. Replace outside brick where it’s spalled;
15. Install sprinkler system on first floor;
16. Set the tubs on 14th floor;
17. Install house keeping pads;
18. Infill holes;
19. Paving begins on east and west parking lots;
20. Install fire pump system in basement; and
21. Install light fixtures in apartments on floors 4-5.

Each week has a similar number of tasks to be completed, so you can see why we need over 100 people working on the project. The tasks change each week—each day really—so you can also see why Randy and Bobby, our superintendents, have their hands full scheduling everybody and making sure tasks get done in the right order.

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