Friday, June 26, 2009

Re:Vision Dallas, Selection of the Design to Build

For those of you following the Re:Vision Dallas project, here's a copy of a letter I wrote to the three winning designers that sets out how we're going to conduct the process of determining which design to build.

June 23, 2009

Mark Hogan, LEED AP
david baker + partners, architects
461 Second Street, loft 127,
San Francisco, CA 94107
v.415.896.6700 x119

Antonio Louro
Rua dos Fanqueiros Nº 286 3ºF 1100-233 Lisboa PORTUGAL Office: +351 21 0150837
Cell: +351 919673148

Bradley Bartholomew
5815 Westpark Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

Re: Re:Vision Dallas Winning Designers


First, I want to congratulate you all on winning the Re:Vision Dallas competition. The quality of the entries was extraordinarily high, and emerging as one of the three best designs out of one hundred entries and dozens of extremely fine designs is a significant accomplishment of which you can all be proud. I was honored just to have the opportunity to review your entries and watch the jury deliberate as it chose the winning designs. I am extremely pleased with the designs chosen by the jury—your designs—and look forward to moving forward to complete the project.

Second, let me apologize for not contacting you sooner. I know you are as eager to get started on this project as I am, but it took us a little longer than we had expected to complete the transition from Urban Re:Vision running the design contest to Central Dallas Community Development Corporation starting work on the actual development.

Third, I know you are all anxious to know where we plan to go from here, so let me explain the process as I expect it will unveil from now on. The Real Estate Council of Dallas (“TREC”) ( has agreed to work with us to conduct a thorough evaluation of the winning design to make sure that we understand your designs as fully as possible. The different experts that TREC will make available to this project should allow us to make a more sophisticated analysis of the different systems and costs embedded in your designs than we could perform on our own, and help make this a project owned not just by Central Dallas CDC but by the entire City of Dallas.

As I’m sure you know, summers in Dallas are hot and many people leave for vacations, so putting the review teams together has taken a little longer than we anticipated. We expect to start the review work early in July and spend four to six weeks in the process. It is likely that we will be in touch with you during this process to obtain clarifications or explanations of your designs.

During this process, I will serve as your main contact, and I will try to let you know in advance if someone other than me will be contacting you with questions. In the same vein, unless you let me know otherwise, I will direct any questions we may have through you.

The review process should be completed sometime in the first half of August, and at that point we will schedule interviews with each of you to discuss your designs more fully. I will try to let you know in advance if there are particular issues that we want to address—as beautiful as your designs are, there will always be changes between the early conceptions and the final product.

Our goal is to make a decision and be ready to start on the design work by early fall. We expect to have a showing of the competition entries at Dallas City Hall at that time. As competition winners, all of your designs will be prominently featured, and we hope to schedule a number of talks and panel discussions concurrently with the show. I hope that all of you will be able to attend and participate in the presentation. We will try to get the schedule set fairly quickly. In particular, I hope that a representative of the design we are going to build will be here to accept the award and answer questions, because interest in the project is very high here in Dallas.

Once again, congratulations on authoring a winning design. I am always happy to answer questions. All my contact information is available in the email to which this letter is attached. I look forward to getting to know each of you. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

John P. Greenan
Executive Director
Central Dallas Community Development Corporation

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