Friday, September 18, 2009


Today among other tasks, I looked at a few swatches. We’ve been trying to select the furniture for the lobby at CityWalk, and I think I may be frustrating everyone.

CityWalk was built in 1958 and I want to go with a mid-century modern look. Karen Evans (pictured below) and Robert Howell (sorry Robert, no picture today) at WKMC Architects are working on the lobby furniture and they’ve already found some great stuff with cool shapes that are going to look great.

Now we’re working on the colors. Take a look at a few of the swatches for yourself.

I think there are some really fun colors and patterns. I very much want CityWalk to exude a little cool—and avoid any semblance of institutional design. The last thing I want our residents to be reminded of is a hospital.

I am so staid in my personal style—if I can even be said to have a style—that I think it was hard for Karen and Robert to believe that I didn’t want conservative colors and patterns. I’m sure my desire to be a little avant garde was a surprise.

But just because I’m not cool myself, doesn’t mean I don’t want cool!

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