Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Tall Is Too Tall?

If you’re a basketball player, then taller is better.

Even for a football player, tall is good. Look at former Cowboys star Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

Then there is the new kick blocking sensation at Southern Methodist University, Margus Hunt. He’s a world class shot putter and discus thrower and at 6’8” even without any football experience, he’s become an important part of SMU’s first winning record in quite a few years.

Some things, however, can be too tall, and one of them is a canopy. Take the new canopies that will shelter people entering CityWalk@Akard. When the steel for the canopies was first erected, it looked very tall—in fact it was over 16 feet high. That was puzzlingly high because it wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective at keeping the rain off people if it was that high. The equivalent would be holding an umbrella at full arm’s length above your head. If there were any wind, then the rain would just blow onto you under the umbrella.

One day last week I noticed the steel framework for the canopy had been taken down. Then the next day I noticed that it had been put back up.

It turns out that a subcontractor had misread the drawings and built the canopy 16’ high rather than the 11’ high that they were supposed to be. The steel had been cut to the proper length and the canopies put back up.

Now I can quit wondering why the canopies were so high.

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