Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Christmas Wish List for Central Dallas CDC


I recently heard a wonderful Christmas story. There was a father who was not able financially to provide for his family the things they wanted most for Christmas. He decided to find pictures of the gifts he would purchase his family if he were in the position to do so. He found a picture of a big red bicycle for his son. He found a picture of an elegant evening dress for his wife. He found a picture of a diamond necklace for his daughter. He wrapped all the pictures in beautiful wrapping paper and placed them under the tree. On Christmas Eve when the family unwrapped their presents, no one was disappointed - they all understood the significance of the pictures.

Years continued to go by and the family held on to their pictures. And then the miracle happened. The father won the jackpot and was able to purchase the items on the pictures for his family for Christmas.

This story inspired me. I asked myself, “What would I purchase for my new co-workers at Central Dallas Community Development Corporation?” It has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” For John, I would purchase a fully occupied 511 N. Akard building by December 31, 2009 that would include a 7-Eleven convenience store. For Johnice, I would give a copy machine and printer with no interruptions. For Naquanna, I would give a store full of resources for the residents, food pantry, toiletry supply room, and funded CityWalk studio home packages. For Lori Beth, I would give a quiet place to work for eight hours.

The MIRACLE of my presents is real. All of my gifts will come to fruition. They may not arrive by December 25, 2009, but they are sure to come.

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