Sunday, April 18, 2010

'Labor of Love'


A few months ago, we told you about Dwell with Dignity, the non-profit interior design group that would be designing a two bedroom apartment at CityWalk for new residents Leslie and her six year old daughter.

The big reveal happened yesterday afternoon and it was amazing. The entire apartment was absolutely gorgeous and filled with so many beautiful pieces of furniture, all mostly donated or refurbished. Leslie was overwhelmed with emotion and her daughter was bouncing off the walls with excitement. This was their home and it was more than they had imagined it would be.

A huge thank you goes out to Dwell with Dignity Founder and President Lisa Robison, Executive Director Kim Turner, and their team of dedicated volunteers for making this much-anticipated move-in day a memorable one.

Here are some of the photos:

Leslie and Lisa in the living room. "It's a labor of love," Lisa said about the Dwell with Dignity project.

For more information about the work of Dwell with Dignity, go to

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