Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Last Homeless Man?

Here’s a story that you don’t hear every day. In New York, New York, Times Square is down to its last homeless person:

Now, I have to question whether there isn’t a little hyperbole going on in this story, but I’m sure that the homeless population in that area has greatly diminished. [Advertising warning—A good part of that work has been done by the organization Common Ground whose founder, Roseanne Haggerty, is speaking at this year’s Central Dallas Ministries Prayer Breakfast on April 6. Details can be found here: where you can also buy tickets! Afterwards there will be a panel discussion where I will join Ms. Haggerty, along with other panelists.]

The interesting part of this story is that it is clearly unusual—newsworthy—that a homeless person doesn’t want a home. We haven’t yet run into someone who doesn’t want a home here in Dallas, but then we aren’t down to the last homeless person either. Maybe someday we will be!

Just for the record, here’s a picture of the person known as “Heavy”, who may just possibly be the last homeless person in Times Square.

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