Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Tenant Interviews for CityWalk

This morning we did three more interviews for CityWalk@Akard--or rather, Judy Lawrence who handles all our properties did them while I ran back and forth between answering the telephone and dealing with urgent emails. Here is what she wrote after the interviews:

“We've had 3 interviews for CityWalk already this morning. Each interviewee impressed us in so many ways....two young woman with awful experiences in their lives - just trying to turn their lives around and one older man, currently living in his truck who, when we mentioned the one community room that was set up as a rehearsal room, eyes lit up and excitement filled his face and resonated in his voice. He was a song and dance man. He still loves to sing and dance - sang at festivals throughout Texas and the prospect of being able to do that again brought tears to his eyes. His voice cracked as he talked about how much he'd love to do that again and he ended by saying...I don't know what to say to which we is what Rev. King said...keep hope alive. He just left the office and he thanked us for giving him hope. Our response, no sir, it is you who gives us hope and we need to translate that hope into a reality.

All three people had lost hope - that is what CityWalk is all about. Take the politics out of it. Take the rhetoric out of it. Simply listen to the heart and it says it all.”

I only really ended up sitting in on the last interview, but I hope you will think about the bare facts of that gentleman’s situation. He has been living in his truck for a full year while waiting for us to complete CityWalk so he could have a place to live. Think about the strength and discipline it takes to keep working to get your life back or just to keep appointments without a real place to live. I don’t know if I could do that.

There may be some people who prefer living on the street, but the people that come to us show amazing persistence and effort towards getting a home.

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