Saturday, July 25, 2009

We’re Just Not That Into Us

Unfair Park is back with another little piece on Re:Vision Dallas. It’s here: The theme is that the rest of the country is more into Re:Visioning Dallas than Dallas is itself.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the truth. I don’t think it’s just the Re:Vision Dallas project, lately it seems to me that the people of Dallas are suffering from some sort of general malaise; from a feeling that nothing exciting is going to happen here—it will always be some place else.

I think we need to shake out of it. Sure there have been some disappointments. The Cowboys went to Arlington. The Trinity Project seems to go on never endingly without any progress being made.

But we’ve got a lot to get excited about. The Super Bowl is coming, as is the NBA all-star game. Even if you just look at building projects around Downtown Dallas, there is a lot happening. The Woodall Rogers Deck Park is going to be a reality.

As is at least one Calatrava Bridge, and the new Convention Center Hotel (even if I have to admit I’m not enthusiastic about the renderings).

There is also the new Natural History Museum, but it hasn’t unveiled its exterior design yet, so we can only look at the preliminary exhibit designs:

That’s a lot to look forward to and these are all projects that are funded and either under construction or about to get under construction. None of these are pipedreams.

The Winspear Opera House and the Wyly Performing Arts Center are now a reality—go Downtown and look if you want to be impressed. Or if that’s too much trouble, then you can log on to a live link showing the current state of the building:

There is a lot more as well. Main Streets Garden is under construction. The new DART Green Line to Deep Ellum and Fair Park will be operating by fall—I’ve seen the trains on their practice runs on my way to the office. The tracks are their and the trains are real.

I haven’t even mentioned some wonderful projects that have been completed in the last few years, like the Nasher Sculpture Garden and the Bridge, the new homeless shelter. Central Dallas CDC’s own CityWalk@Akard will be completed this fall.

The truth is not only can we do projects like these, and like Re:Vision Dallas, we have done them and we are doing them.

Some of you may have noticed Dallas isn’t blessed with mountains or a sea shore. We only have what we make ourselves and if we only believe in ourselves, then we will continue to make a great city.

So open your eyes, look around, and believe!

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