Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Re:Vision Dallas—The Real Estate Council’s Technical Assistance Teams

Last Thursday was the first meeting of the technical assistance team that The Real Estate Council of Dallas is putting together to help review the designs for Re:Vision Dallas and the meeting was very encouraging—we’re adding more than another dozen experienced, intelligent minds to the project with all sorts of skills we wouldn’t have available otherwise..

I want especially to thank Ann Allison at The Real Estate Council for her help in putting the technical assistance team together and Celeste Fowden at CB Richard Ellis for agreeing to chair the committee.

Here’s how the team is organizing itself, as set out in an email from Ms. Fowden:

“Thank you all for joining us today in our initial meeting for the Re:Vision project, we appreciate your willingness to participate. Below is a summary of what we discussed today with action items at the bottom.

1. Define subcommittees - Deadline July 24th
- award specific jobs/tasks within subcommittees - Deadline July 31st

2. Questions to Designers if any - TBD

3. Identify major flaws with the designs which will determine if they are realistic to pursue further

4. Designs with flaws that can be fixed, has designer re-design

5. Review of remaining designs

6. Summary report

Subcommittees: (please let me know if I missed some)

1. Site Analysis - includes legal, zoning, environmental, infrastructure, etc.

2. Design/Engineering

3. Finance/Development

4. Project Budget - within the $60MM total project costs

5. Power/Energy Generation - might need to recruit for this committee

6. City Council/Manager Liaisons”

I’ll be sitting ex officio on the Site Analysis, Finance/Development and Project Budget subcommittees, and Brent Brown, Executive Director of the buildingcommunityWORKSHOP will sit on the Design/Engineering and Power/Energy Generation subcommittees.

I looking forward to getting the work underway and, once again, thanks to TREC and its volunteers for this effort. We couldn’t buy this kind of expertise, and if we could buy it, then we couldn’t afford it!

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