Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting to Work Today

I almost didn’t make it to work today. As I tried to back my truck out of the driveway, this vicious four-pound beast blocked my way:

It was Ima, the arthritic Chihuahua from next door. She had found a place in the sun to lay down—in the middle of the entrance to my driveway—and she wasn’t going to move, probably because it’s so much effort for her to stand up these days.

I backed my pickup almost to her and she still didn’t move. I honked the horn. If she could even hear the horn, then Ima ignored the horn.

For a moment I thought about the day our neighbor told my daughter not to feel bad if my daughter backed over Ima. Ima was already the world’s oldest Chihuahua and our neighbor was going to let her out to enjoy sitting in the sun (even in our driveway) for the time she had remaining.

Finally I got out of my truck and walked over to Ima to tell her to go home. Ima looked at me like I was a very foolish young man. I lifted her to her feet, and after a scornful look over her shoulder, Ima limped away.

I got back in my truck and went to work.


  1. John, I get that "Stupid Human" look from a 15 year old arithritic Long Hair Siamese named Lovey. Lovey also chooses to "miss the catbox by a foot or so as well and then give me the same look.

    Why do we keep pets anyways?

  2. Because when you come home every day from work, Kirsch charges right at you then ducks his head to run between your legs, as excited to see you as if you had just hit a walk-off homer for the Cubs in the seventh game of the world series?