Monday, August 3, 2009

Next Year, Let’s Have a Good Old Time Independence Day in Dallas, Part II

I think Dallas needs to start its own Independence Day celebration. Why can’t we have a pancake breakfast and patriotic music downtown next July 4? With almost 6,000 people living downtown that’s almost enough to match Santa Fe’s numbers even if nobody outside of downtown attended, and that doesn’t seem likely.

Dallas has a choice of locations downtown that would be great for an event like this. My personal favorite, as of now, would be the new Main Street Gardens.

It isn’t finished yet, but should be in plenty of time for Independence Day next year.

Since I’m the optimistic (or maybe wildly unrealistic sort), I can even imagine the Independence Day Celebration outgrowing Main Street Gardens and moving over to the Woodall Rogers Deck Park in a few years:

There would be lots of room to expand there, and it’s hard for me to imagine outgrowing a five acre site.

I know. It’s hot in Dallas in July. That’s why I think a breakfast event is just the ticket. Everyone can go home and sleep off the pancakes during the heat of the day, then wake up in time to go out for the fireworks.

Where will we have the fireworks? Why, in the Trinity River Park!

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