Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Day 2


I wrote last week about our $40 tomato and how we planted our garden plot for spring. Well, Dallas woke up Sunday morning to another 3 or 4 inches of snow. We staked and covered our little tomatoes hoping that it would not get cold enough for a frost. Imagine my surprise waking up to a bit more than a skiff of snow that the weatherman promised the night before.

They say in Texas if you don’t like the weather just wait. Or, as Mark Twain once said, “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.”

Here is a picture of our little garden plot. Yes, somewhere under the snow are hopefully some very hardy tomatoes, broccoli, and strawberry transplants and some carrots, lettuce, and pea seeds waiting for better weather to sprout.

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