Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Centre for Social Innovation

From our friends north of the border (thus “centre” rather than “center”) comes a really neat idea: Put a bunch of creative people from different fields together and let some new ideas flow. Here’s the Web site:

This is an idea I believe in because it’s what we’ve been doing for the last three years—three or four organizations and one big room and we’ve generated more good ideas out of our collaboration than you can imagine.

We haven’t got it put together yet, but I’m talking with Dallas Social Venture Partners and Executives in Action, which are both nonprofits also interested in the idea.

I think it would be great at CityWalk@Akard. I like the idea of walking downstairs and being able to have a cup of coffee and share ideas with a group of energetic, creative people—I’d miss it otherwise.

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  1. John, it is time for Dallas and our region to organize around ideas and leaders that have positive social impact. A center for social innovation could be an organizing space, critical mass of engaged people and a think tank for just that!