Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our First Four Tenants

We just got word that our first four tenants are officially qualified—something our management company, Pinnacle does for us. It requires determining whether the prospective tenant meets the income requirements and passes the background tests to live in CityWalk. Yesterday was the first day Pinnacle started working on that process, so that’s pretty good progress. Here at Central Dallas CDC the “pre-interviews” will be temporarily suspended until we see whether the people that we’ve already talked to are sufficient to fill the building. There’s not much point in asking people to come in for an interview if we don’t know if we’ll have an apartment for them.

It makes CityWalk real to know that we have tenants ready to live there. The building is almost ready for people to move in.

The cabinets are in, but we still have to move the appliances into all the units and there is a lot of finish work to complete.


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