Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Empty Jar of Olive Oil, The Rest of the Story

So this morning, after reading my blog, I got the following email from my wife Rebecca:

You said…

“I didn’t know, anymore than I knew whether the stock market was going up or down or whether I really needed that medicine I saw advertised on the television. So I thought back about what I did when my retirement savings were disappearing—I quit opening the statements—and taking inspiration from that course of action, did the only thing I could think of—left the jar in the sink in the hope that my wife would deal with it.”

I thought…

How good of John to soak the jar to get the oil out!

and did the following…

I emptied the soapy water from the jar and re-filled and emptied it about three more times in order to get the soap suds out of the jar before taking it to the re-cycling bin. I have to admit that I wondered whether or not I was wasting a lot of water, in my attempt to get rid of the soap suds.

Turns out she wasn’t sure what was right either, but she acted and took care of the problem rather than hiding from it.

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