Friday, October 23, 2009

Tours and More Tours

As we get closer to completion at CityWalk, the tours are also getting closer together. On Tuesday, Stephen Bradley brought a couple of old friends of his from Little Rock around to see the project. Darryl Swinton is the Director of Housing and Charles Vann is a Housing Counselor for Black Community Developers, Inc. (BCD, Inc.) located in Little Rock. The BCD, Inc. is a full-service outreach of the United Methodist Church. You can read about the organization here:

Since 1967 BCD, Inc. has been working to turn around the 12th Street area in Little Rock and bit by bit BCD, Inc. is making progress. Touring CityWalk gave us a chance to compare notes on permanent supportive housing developments and trade ideas on economic development. Sometime I hope to be able to make a return visit to their projects in Little Rock.

Then on Wednesday, a couple members of our Board of Directors were able to look at our progress after our monthly board meeting.

That’s David Dunnigan, one of our board members on the left, and then left to right, Chuck Thompson who manages several of our properties, Ailene Medlock who is also on our board, Randy Allen, the superintendent, and Johnice Woods, our property development coordinator in the Pink Helmet (another story in itself!).

Next week we’ll have even more tours. We just need to try to stay out of the way of the workers.

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