Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today I’m thinking about garbage. I mean that literally. I just found out that our waste compactor for CityWalk won’t be delivered for four weeks.

We hope to have people in the building in two weeks. So we have to have a solution to handle the garbage for those two weeks—in the end, as head of the organization, that means that I have to have a temporary solution for garbage disposal for two weeks.

The waste carts will be available, but they aren’t the relatively friendly little guys that all of us in Dallas use for our trash and recycling and is pictured here.

These are big, industrial units that weigh 92 lbs. and can carry a load of more than 500 lbs. It’s not like we can pick them up and pour the trash into a dumpster—even two strong people would have a hard time lifting them if they were just a quarter full.

Fortunately, I guess, the number of people in the building will be fairly limited for those two weeks. Fewer people means less trash.

I’m sure we will work out a temporary solution. We will probably use some smaller carts, more like the residential unit pictured above. Then we can place a dumpster down below the raised platform that will hold the waste compactor and dump the small carts into the dumpster.

Someone on staff will have to be vigilant about making sure the carts don’t overflow and dump them when needed. Maybe someone will come up with a better solution, but that’s what we’ve got right now.

On the whole, not at all an unsolvable problem, but it’s one more of dozens of details that we need to work out in order to be ready for our residents at CityWalk.

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