Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Map of the Seven Deadly Sins

Somebody had a lot of fun mapping out the location of the highest concentration (by some dubious methodology) of each of the Seven Deadly Sins in the United States.

For example, here's the map for Greed:

Green is good (not much greed). Red is bad (lots of greed).

The methods seem pretty arbitrary, but the maps are pretty similar in how they cover the country. Down the east coast, across the south and up the west coast is the hotbed of sin, while the “flyover” middle section of the country is mostly virtuous. Here’s the consolidated may, which is labeled “Pride”:

What I can understand is the concentration of sin in lower Michigan, my home state. Please note, however, that I come from the northern, virtuous part of Michigan.

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  1. Wow, hey look - you made a clever remark about someone else's work! Ever done anything of your own? Original? Things done by great people that average people like you talk about?

    "The methods seem pretty arbitrary,"

    Did you bother to look up the study? I would assume if you called the Kansas State geography dept and asked for their names, you'd get them.

    You're a fucking worthless idiot.