Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Comfy Chair

What else could you want when you finally have your own place with a kitchen, bathroom, a door that you can lock and furniture? The answer, of course, is a comfy chair.

Our original furniture package for the studio units at CityWalk included a dining table with two chairs, a bed, a wardrobe, and a nightstand, but no armchair. We’d tried to find one within our budget, but failed for a long time. Part of the problem was that even small differences in price add up quickly when you are buying 142 of something (even a $20 difference is almost $3,000).

The rest of the problem is that we’re fussy. We wanted a chair that was comfortable for a broad range of people, so whenever we got a new chair in to try, all of us had to give it a sit. Some were fine for a tall, thin person; some were fine for a shorter, heavier person, but none were comfortable for all of us. If it wasn’t comfortable for us, then we figured the chairs wouldn’t be comfortable for some of the people living at CityWalk and they got sent to the reject pile.

Finally, our good friend Doug McAlister (the “furniture guy”) figured a way to get the chair we wanted at a price we could afford—have it made. The chair in the picture is a discontinued model, but one advantage of buying 142 of something is that you can have it made to order. We’ve had the chair around the office for a few days now and it’s the first chair in our price range that has passed the rigorous “sit” test by all of us.

Yesterday Doug picked the chair up and he’s sending it off to the factory to serve as the model for the 142 chairs we’re having built. The fabric is being updated to something that will wear better and look a little sharper (IMHO), but other than that the chair will be identical to the model.

Thanks to the generous support we’ve been given by the Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation we were able to furnish these units, and thanks to Doug’s hard work we finally think we’ve found a chair that will make the Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation proud.

BTW: I can’t talk about Comfy Chairs without including a link to the Monty Python sketch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnS49c9KZw8.

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