Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Cold Has Passed in the Lobby of 511 N. Akard


When I began monitoring the front doors of 511 N. Akard, I had no problem staying alert. The lobby was freezing cold. It seemed to be colder than the outside temperature. I kept my hooded coat on and greeted the residents, construction workers and contractors.

I endured, and now there is heat in the lobby. There have been times when it was so cozy that I found it hard to stay awake. With the rise in temperatures, there is a rise in activity in the building. Today, Central Dallas Ministries and Central Dallas CDC employees will move into their new offices at 511 N. Akard. There is now non-stop movement.

The computers, printers, copiers, boxes full of office supplies, wall pictures and paintings, and office chairs are all coming through the doors. As fate would have it the construction elevator started having problems, so there was a line to use the elevator. Thank God it has been fixed now.

The warmth in the lobby has come with change in activity at 511, and much anticipation of a dream becoming reality. Can you imagine the activity at 511 when it is 80 degrees outside?

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