Friday, January 1, 2010

How CityWalk Looked When We Bought It

Looking at the pictures of our first residents moving into 511 N. Akard (CityWalk) yesterday, and the completion of the year, made me think of how the building looked when we acquired it in November 2006. As you can see (scroll down to yesterday’s entry if you would like to compare), things have changed quite a bit since we acquired 511 N. Akard:

It’s still a sad fact that Downtown Dallas has quite a few vacant buildings, and that many of them are used periodically as shelters by homeless persons.

For example, 211 N. Ervay is vacant except for the convenience store on the ground floor:

Among other vacant buildings is 400 St. Paul (except for the ground floor) and the Statler Hilton.

Of course 508 Park is also still vacant.

One of my wishes for next year is to see work start on restoring these buildings, and to see at least one more of them set aside for housing for people of low and moderate income.

Best wishes to you all for the coming New Year!

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  1. John,
    I am the founder of Dwell with Dignity, an organization in Dallas made up of volunteers and funded by donations. We create interiors for families in need. Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience?

    Thank you,
    Lisa Robison