Friday, January 22, 2010

Unsung Heroes Part II – A Dream Becomes A Reality


There have been literally thousands of men and women who have worked on the rehabilitation/construction of the 511 N. Akard building. Since there is probably not any practical way to thank them all individually, this shout out goes to them –“Thank You!” Every single person who has taken part in this project has been part of making history in Dallas and they have also been part of making a dream come true for our community.

The staff of Central Dallas Ministries and Central Dallas CDC began working on this project in December 2005, but the dream goes back much further than that. I can remember when I first began working at Central Dallas Ministries in December 2000, and the dream was already taking shape back then – a dream to build a community in Dallas that would be unlike anything else - a place where people of different ages, from different backgrounds, and from all walks of life come together to live and create a unique community.

So thank you again to everyone – every single one of you who hammered a nail, painted a wall, laid a brick, welded some steel, installed plumbing, swept debris, and worked through heat, cold, snow, and rain. You have had a hand in making a dream a reality in Dallas, Texas.

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