Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the right path


Now that residents have finally moved into the building, I realize they are the vision of 511 N. Akard. My question to them is, “How can I be of assistance to you in making your future aspirations become reality?” Their responses are as varied as their aspirations. As Community Outreach Assistant, my job is to be of assistance to the residents.

I am truly impressed with the caliber of residents we have now. They all seem to be focused and have clear goals. They are energetic and full of motivation. I sit at the front desk and see them come in and out of the building working to find resources to meet their needs.

The vision for community outreach is to form a partnership with residents in helping them meet their goals. This is going to require effort on the resident’s part. If what we have now is an indication of what future residents will be like, we are on the right path. Change comes from within and not without.

While interviewing residents, I was able to hear of many obstacles that were in the way of residents fulfilling their goals. It is going to take a concerted effort to overcome those obstacles. I am eager to be an asset to residents and to assist them in brainstorming new ways and strategies to overcome those obstacles.

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