Thursday, January 14, 2010

Unsung Heroes – Part I


As you can imagine, most of us have been spending a fair amount of time at 511 N. Akard. I have had the opportunity to capture some of the behind the scenes activity, so I will be writing several blogs giving some “Shout Outs” to some of the people working at the building to bring all the details together for our big move.

First is Robin Loving – “Hey Robin!” Just look at this smile. Robin works for Pinnacle Realty, our property management company, and she, along with two other ladies, has been working non-stop on tenant files. The ladies from Pinnacle, as we now refer to them, are in charge of the entire process for residential tenants. This process starts with an interview in which the potential tenant fills out an application form. Pinnacle staff then begins processing the application, which requires a criminal background check, rental history, credit report, and verification of all income and asset sources. Not every potential tenant makes it through this compliance process – the rules are the rules. But the ladies from Pinnacle can handle every situation with a smile. Thanks Robin. Thanks Arnetta. Thanks C.J.

Next is Kevin Flagg – “Hey Kev, we miss you and can’t wait to join you at 511!” Kevin was hired to assist Naquanna with community outreach and resident services at CityWalk. However, he has spent the past couple weeks manning the front door at 511 N. Akard. Do y’all remember how cold it’s been lately? Kevin was at the building Monday through Friday, next to the front door, and without central heat. Thanks Kevin!

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