Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Word Is Out


People are still coming to 511 N. Akard to sign their names on the waiting list for an apartment. When the first residents moved into 511 N. Akard all the television stations covered the event. With the publicity came a greater interest from potential residents. In the two days after making the evening news, there were lines of people trying to sign up.

There isn’t a line anymore, but people are still stopping by to place their names on the list. When they sign up, there are usually a thousand questions – “How long before you call me?” “When will the building be completed?” “How long is the waiting list?” “Can I see the apartment?”

People are in desperate need to call some place home and CityWalk is a great opportunity. People are excited about CityWalk. The location is ideal. You are in the heart of downtown Dallas and close to social services, the trains and buses. It is a great place to start over.

The reality is there is only so much space available at CityWalk; therefore, many of the people on the waiting list will not be afforded the opportunity to live here. But CityWalk can be the starting point for other initiatives for affordable housing for low income residents. There is certainly a need. The waiting list is evidence of that fact.

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